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My writing career has taken me on many wild rides. I am the author of the epic fantasy adventure series Three Wells of the Sea, and my award-winning short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. With a background in biological research and teaching, I find I always have more questions than answers about the natural world. 

​My short story "Animal" about a veterinarian in the future and her fight to save the last animals on Earth won the Writers of the Future Contest and appears in volume 30 of their anthology.  My screenplay "Passiontide" about the legendary Pope Joan won the Hollywood Network Screenplay Discovery Award.

My interest in ancient culture and mythology coexists just fine with my passion for space and worlds spinning around other stars.

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My Books: 

When a druid resurrects her murdered king, she steals the soul of an English teacher and takes him back to the land of the dead . . . or is it the land of the living? He must raise an army and retake his throne or lose his kingdom to a power unseen in a thousand years, an immortal who will put an end to the cycle of living and dying forever.

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Six years have passed since the druid Lyleth resurrected her king and won back his throne. Now, his murderous nephew, Talan, is king of the Five Quarters. But Talan wants more than the throne, he wants immortality, and Lyleth’s six-year-old daughter can give it to him. For she is rumored to be the fabled “Child of Death” . . . and Lyleth will stop at nothing to get her daughter back.

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Lyleth and Hugh Cavendish pursue their daughter deep into the buried fortress of Caer Sidi, the realm of souls of the sacrificed who are enslaved to their lord, the Crooked One. But they soon discover that the only one who can kill the immortal god-king is the blood scribe who shaped him. 

The long-anticipated conclusion to the journey beyond the wells.

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After the Trojan War, a forest sprouted from the blood of a massacred army. Seven hundred years later, a slave girl named Dorica is the only one who may enter the Wood and not suffer its curse. There she cuts saplings for her master to make spears that never miss their mark. When a foreigner arrives at the shop seeking a treasure hidden in the Wood, Dorica decides to find it for herself and use it to bargain for her freedom. But she soon finds something in the Wood far more precious than any treasure she could imagine. 

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